Reef Monitoring

The SaferTradinent mapping system known SAV Mind will create a 3D model of the reef helping you keepĀ an accurate record of the reef.

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Search & Rescue

The grid search feature lets a diver use the SAV to improve on current search and rescue systems. A diver can instruct the SAV to search an area while the diver can focus his energy in more important parts of the mission.

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Stealth Solutions

The SAV mapping system relies on dead reckoning and visual localisation eliminating the need for Doppler Velocity Logging (DVL). With the use of magnetically coupled motors a diver can navigate underwater without being detected.

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Company Goals

The type of reef mapping solution that we provide goes hand in hand with Autonomous Control. Once a device can map its environment it can plan where to go in that map. Our vision is to offering autonomous features to our SAV systems by the end of the year.


Next Steps...

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